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SportDog NoBark Rechargeable 10R Collar

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The SportDog 10R is an electric bark collar that is suited to all dogs over 12 kgs. We consider it to be one of the best and most versatile collars available. It is rechargeable and fully waterproof.
After being placed on your dog, the collar is activated by both vibration sensor (in the probes) and by microphone. This is known as ‘perfect bark technology’, making it nearly impossible to activate accidently.

There are three different modes of operation that you can set the SportDog 10R to operate in:

Temperament Learning Mode: When your dog barks, the unit starts at level 0 and works up if barking continues. The level at which barking stops is remembered and adopted as the new starting point should barking re-start.
Progressive Correction Mode: Correction starts at the lowest level and increases one level at a time, each time your dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous bark. Correction resets to the lowest level if your dog is quiet for at least 30 seconds.
User Selected Correction Mode: You can choose the level of correction (0-9) the unit presents if your dog barks. This is our preferred mode of correction when introducing a collar (start low and work up slowly).

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