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Speer 1640 .284 DeepCurl SP 175GR Rifle Bullets - 100 Pack

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GREAT ALL-AROUND BIG GAME BULLET. This new line from Speer® Bullets offers big game hunters of all types a consistent, tough and accurate bullet. Over the years, Speer has gained the trust of handloaders for having reliable bullets that perform in the field. The Speer hunting line has always had an option for all hunters. And this new centerfire rifle bullet continues this tradition.

DeepCurl™ utilizes Speer's ability to bond bullets at the chemical level. By electro-chemically bonding the bullets it allows us to build a superior hunting option. Designed with a flat base for uniform bullet heel, DeepCurl is stable, accurate, and offers good weight retention. The result is a GReat all-around big game bullet for an exceptional price.

Speer Bullets brings everyday handloading hunters reliable bullets that can be trusted in the field. Look for a full lineup of DeepCurl bullets this year and several more additions in the future.

Diameter 0.284
Quantity 100, 100
Type Rifle
Weight (Grains) 175GR
Section Density 0.310
Ballistic Coefficients 0.496
Caliber 28 Caliber

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